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Glaucoma Treatment Options

If you've recently received a thorough dilated eye exam to detect glaucoma, you may be wondering what the next steps would be if your diagnosis indicates the disease. At Clearwater Eye and Laser Center, in Clearwater, FL, Dr. Kyle Linsey is happy to share your potential glaucoma treatment options to consider.

But First, The Basics

Glaucoma is a disease that often causes loss of vision and sometimes blindness, as a result of irreversible damage to the eye's optic nerve.

Many people have no idea they have glaucoma, as there aren't typically any overwhelming signs that the disease is present, until loss of vision.

In most cases, you first lose peripheral vision, narrowing your range of sight, and eventually leading to the loss of your central vision.

Full loss of sight typically occurs without intercepting the progression with treatment but can be prevented with a form of treatment based on your condition.

Your Glaucoma Treatment Options

Though glaucoma is incurable, it can be treated! If Dr. Linsey in Clearwater, FL, detects the disease, you can expect he will begin discussing your glaucoma treatment options right away. Once the damage has been incurred, it is indefinite, but treatment will help prevent any further damage from happening.

Glaucoma treatment includes the following:

  • Medications—the most common treatment for glaucoma is an eye drop prescription that aims to reduce the pressure in your eye and blocks potential harm to your eye.
  • Laser therapy—a fairly simple laser procedure, called trabeculoplasty, targets the congested drainage network of your eye to release the fluid causing the pressure to your eye.
  • Surgery—when the two previous treatments are not proven to be effective in reducing your eye pressure, surgery may be the next step. The best surgery for your condition should be determined between you and Dr. Linsey, as it's important to know your potential risks or what postoperative care may look like.

Treating Glaucoma

Receiving a glaucoma diagnosis can be overwhelming, but at Clearwater Eye and Laser Center, Dr. Linsey offers attentive care to your condition as you navigate your treatment. For more questions or concerns regarding your glaucoma treatment options in Clearwater, FL, call our office at (727) 446-7578, today!

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