Eye Floaters

Should You Worry About Eye Floaters In Clearwater, FL

If you notice small little squiggly lines and dots in your vision these are known as floaters. Many people notice them, and they often appear and disappear and usually aren’t anything to worry about; however, there are times in which eye floaters may actually be a concern and should be evaluated by our board-certified ophthalmologists.

What are eye floaters, exactly?

Your eyes are covered with a fluid known as vitreous. As you get older, the fibers within this fluid clump together and reflect off the retina, which results in these dots, threads, squiggly lines, and other odd shapes that move around your field of vision. Eye floaters are incredibly common in those over age 50, but people under 50 years old can also develop harmless floaters.

When should I see an eye doctor about floaters?

Yes, eye floaters are usually normal and not a cause for concern, but sometimes they are a warning sign that something is going on with your vision. This is why you should turn to our board-certified ophthalmologists if your floaters don’t go away or if you suddenly notice an increase in the number of floaters. You should see us immediately if your eye floaters are accompanied by changes in vision, loss of peripheral vision, flashes of light, or pain in the eyes.

You must see us right away for care so we can figure out what’s causing your floaters and how to best treat the problem. After all, eye floaters may be a sign of:

    • An infection
    • An injury
    • Retinal detachment
    • Bleeding
    • Inflammation of the eye

Certain chronic health problems such as diabetes can also put a patient at an increased risk for developing floaters, which is why you should see our eye doctor regularly for care and turn to us right away if there are any changes to your vision or health of your eyes. By turning to us as soon as possible we can prevent vision loss and preserve the health of your eyes. Nothing is more important than your vision, so if you are in doubt don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Any vision changes should be evaluated by an eye doctor. If you are looking for an ophthalmologist that can provide you with comprehensive care, call Clearwater Eye and Laser Center in Clearwater, FL at (727) 446-7578.

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